The novel is a  Sci-Fi / Military / Space-Opera or Adventure--take your pick.
Others of the same genre include…The Last Starfighter, and Star Wars.

   While it is a book for both genders, it has the capacity to spark the imagination of other like- minded male youths, 
and draw them into the reading pool as well.

   The author is a local, (East Geelong) 
This book is similar to his last one (MYVANWY and the HOUSE of DRAGON) in that it starts at the (Geelong) Showground.  

   He has taken two otherwise ordinary youths out of their own environment, then put them someplace else where they 
can grow and be appreciated for who and what they are. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion and growth 
while being exposed to the different scenery along the way, as Colin, Tiddles and Co. are introduced to members of the 
greater Galactic Community aboard the Carrier Redemption, tethered in the heavens above. 

   Join them to find out how and why it was done, and then follow their adventure as they are introduced to shipboard 
life and trained up to fulfil their roles within the legion.

   The new recruits are fed, quartered and manipulated every step of the way. All whims are catered for, 
including their curiosity, which builds daily.

   For Colin it was as if a light switch had been thrown to show him all of life’s possibilities now at his fingertips 
and he is eager to learn more. He is helped along the way by Kyla, the ‘Green Goddess’ from Zylon, although their friendship 
is tested throughout. Her beauty captivates him, and her perfume negates all other thought…