Cringe to Comedy

Linda Bâgu Batson is an independent filmmaker and writer, her favorite genres being comedy 
and documentary.

In this 30 minute seminar, learn how to turn your most embarrassing moment into an entertaining 
film. We will cover ideas generation, scriptwriting, casting and making your film on a shoestring.



Filmmaking Winter School, Victorian College of the Arts, 2012
Documentary Master class with Tom Zubryki, Australian Directors Guild, 2012

Creative Works

The Professional Development Review (Short Film/ Comedy)
Writer/ Producer/ Director

Synopsis: Jane is looking forward to her Professional Development Review. She has been working 
hard all year and is expecting Ted, her manager, to be very happy with her performance. Little does 
she realise the disaster that lies ahead.

Trapped (Theatrical Documentary Short Film)
Writer/ Producer/ Director

Synopsis: Awareness raising of the experiences of victims of domestic violence. Covers issues such 
as the effect on children and families, harassment in the workplace and at home.

One Billion Rising Melbourne (Documentary/ Music Video)

Synopsis: When One Billion bodies rise and dance on 02-14-13, we will join in solidarity, purpose 
and energy and shake the world into a new consciousness. Dancing insists we take up space. It has 
no set direction, but we go there together.

Nowhere to Run (Documentary film, full-length, in production)
Writer/ Producer/ Director

Synopsis: A study of the experiences of .victims of domestic violence. Covers issues such as the 
effect on victims, children and families, harassment in the workplace and at home, resources and 
resource centres available, police response, law court experiences.

Starting from Scratch (Lifestyle TV Series, short-form, in production)
Co-Writer/ Producer/ Director

Synopsis: An introduction to developing useful house maintenance skills for beginners and those 
who have an interest in gaining knowledge and awareness of tools and techniques.
Episodes begin with easy topics such as how to use a power drill and hammer, hanging pictures, 
deck repairs and gradually become more advanced, to fitting a TV wall bracket and hanging a door.