Born in the slums of Richmond in 1962 been writing as a hobby for 25 years.
Have written 5 articles for the Australian Model Railway Magazine  mainly
historical articles and how to. 

Written poetry and a number of short stories mainly fiction
and written 2  stories:
Brighton Street  growing up in Richmond in the 1960 to 1970 period  (Bio)
Pilbarra Pilgrim a young man’s journey thru the Australian desert (fiction) 
both are unpublished. 

Joined the Geelong Writers Group in 2011/2012 where I was encouraged to write.
A chance encounter with the Australian independent film industry, where  two of my stories were 
turned  into short films: 
Writer -2012
Old Man and the Wheel Chair -2013
Both films have been screened at west side shorts, and both are now before the selection committee 
of the Made in Melbourne Film Festival.

Currently working on a feature film: 
Under The Clocks  Now in pre-production.

Working on a 2TV series 
The Nullabour  
New World Order 
and another short film 

A number of short stories from my pen.
The Crossing
Missing Boundry Rider
Island of discs
Bridge Cat and a Fallen Woman,
Weeties and Milk