Josephine Scicluna is a poet, fiction & essay writer who is inventing and exploring diverse hybrid forms. 
But really she's writing about music and mobile phones, love and crumbling houses.  
She collaborates with musicians to create performance works and recordings for radio broadcast, 
which have been featured on RRR-FM’s Aural Text program and ABC RN’s Poetica program.  
She has won several awards for her short fiction and her poetry, fiction & essays have been published 
in various journals including Double Dialogues In/Stead online journal, Verandah Literary magazine and The Age. 
Her recent publications (with musician/sound artist, *Tom Kazas) include a chapter in 
an anthology Food and Appetites: The Hunger Artist and the Arts, edited by Ann McCulloch & Pavlina Radia. 
She is currently collaborating with *Tom Kazas & playwright/screenwriter, Patrick Van Der Werf on the ‘Lyrebird Project’, 
involving historical research of South Gippsland. 
So far this project has seen the production of a radio play and a sonic poem. 
Part of her novel ‘Thin House’ has been adapted into a short screenplay by Patrick. 
For the past 10 years Josephine has been teaching in the literary studies 
and creative writing program at Deakin University.

*Tom Kazas is a composer/song writer, record producer/sound engineer and film maker. 
He was the creative force behind the Australian psychedelic rock group 
The Moffs (1984-1989) that garnered international attention in 1985 with their song "Another Day in the Sun". 
Since then he has released an eclectic range of music, composed for theatre, produced music 
for local and international artists, and has made a short film, The Topologist. His most recent releases 
include a piano album: ‘Verdigris’ and an EP: ‘melbn pyxis’.