Scene-1 A Castle in Normandy.Orion sings a lullaby to his tired Master.
Scene-2 A Cliff on the Breton Coast, overhanging the sea.
Scene-3 The Castle in Normandy. Thora, Hugo's wife, working on embroidery.
Scene-4 The Castle in Normandy. The Castle Hall. Harold sings.
Scene-5 The Castle in Normandy.- The Castle Hall. A letter is received from Palestine.
Scene-6 A Chapel not very far from Hugo's Castle. Harold dead on the Chapel threshhold.
Scene-7 A Room in the Castle. Hugo prepares to carry out Count Baldwin's dying wishes.
Scene-8 A Road on the Norman Frontiers.Hugo and Company are on their way to the Convent with Agatha.
Scene-9 An Apartment in a Wayside Inn. Orion sings a lullaby to Agatha.
Scene-10 A Wooded Rising Ground Near the Rhine.Agatha sings.
Scene-11 The Same. Hugo, Agatha and Orion, resting under the trees.
Scene-12 The Same. Agatha looks sadly at her past whilst facing her future in the Convent.
Scene-13 The Summit of a Burning Mountain. Night. Orion undisguised.
Scene-14 Chamber of a Wayside Inn. Hugo sitting alone, having left Agatha at the Convent.
Scene 15 Another Wayside House near the Norman Frontier.Orion invites Hugo for a midnight ride.
Scene 16 The Same.
Scene-17 A Peak in a Mountainous Country Overhanging a Rocky Pass.
Scene-17a Hugo sees four shadowy altars rise.
Scene-17b The Four Altars.
Scene 18- The Wayside House.Hugo is now torn between his wife and Agatha.
Scene-19 A camp of robbers near the Black Forest.
Scene-20 A Farm House on the Rhine.Hugo berates Orion for persuading him to return for Agatha.
Scene-21 A Chamber in the Nuns'Apartments of the Convent.Agatha reminices.
Scenes-22-24 The Corridor Outside the Guest Chamber of the Convent. Hugo laments his actions.
Orion tries to console.
Scene-25. The Chapel of the Convent.The Hymn of the Nuns.
Scene-26 The Guest Room of the Convent.Consternation as the robbers prepare to advance.
Scene-27 The Outskirts of Rudolph's Camp. Hugo offers to decide the strife in single combat.
This is refused.
Scene-28 The Courtyard of the Old Farm. Hugo and his followers prepare their weapons for battle.
Scene-29 A Room in the Convent Tower Overlooking the Gate.Ursula at the window. Agatha and Nuns in a corner.
Scene-30 A Room in the Convent.A lull in the battle. Some survivors. Thurston seated near a small fire.
Enter Eustace.
Scene-31 The Chapel of the Convent. Dirge of the Monks.