Scene-9 An Apartment in a Wayside Inn.Hugo and Agatha. Evening.
They recount the time when Harold and Hugo fought over Agatha.
Hugo won the fight but left Agatha behind in the woods. 
Hugo now finds that his feelings for Agatha are returning. 
Orion sings Agatha a lullaby.

ORION (singing outside the window of Agatha's chamber.)

‘Neath the stems with blossoms laden,
‘Neath the tendrils curling,
I, thy servant, sing, oh, maiden!
I, thy slave, oh, darling!
Lo! the shaft that slew the red deer,
At the elk may fly too.
Spare them not! The dead are dead, dear,
Let the living die too.

Where the wiles of serpent mingle,
And the looks of dove lie,
Where small hands in strong hands tingle,
Loving eyes meet lovely:
Where the harder natures soften,
And the softer harden—
Certes! such things have been often
Since we left Eve’s garden.

Sweeter follies herald sadder
Sins—look not too closely;
Tongue of asp and tooth of adder
Under leaf of rose lie.
Warned, advised in vain, abandon
Warning and advice too,
Let the child lay willful hand on
Den of cockatrice too.

I, thy servant, or thy master,
One or both—no matter;
If the former—firmer, faster,
Surer still the latter—
Lull thee, soothe thee with my singing,
Bid thee sleep, and ponder
On my lullabies, still ringing
Through thy dreamland yonder.
            Adam Lindsay Gordon