Scene-6 A Chapel not very far from Hugo's Castle. 
Because of past wrongs to Hugo and his sister by 
Harold,Hugo does nothing to stop Harold from 
wandering out into a cold, raining night.
Harold is found dying on the threshold of a nearby Chapel.

LUKE (A Monk)

When the dawn was breaking,
Came a faint sound, waking
Hubert and myself; we hurried to the door,
Found the stranger lying
At the threshold, dying.
Somewhere have I seen a face like this before.


Harold he is hight.
Only yesternight
From our gates he wandered, in the driving hail;
Well his face I know,
Both as friend and foe;
Of my followers only Thurston knows his tale.

God o’erruleth fate,
I had cause for hate:
In the very chapel, years back, proud and strong,
Joined by priestly vows,
He became the spouse
Of my youngest sister, to her bitter wrong.

And he wrought her woe,
Making me his foe;
Not alone unfaithful—brutal, too, was he.
She had scarce been dead
Three months ere he fled
With Count Baldwin’s daughter, then betrothed to me.

Fortune straight forsook him,
Vengeance overtook him;
Heavy crimes will bring down heavy punishment.
All his strength was shattered,
Even his wits were scatter’d,
Half-deranged, half-crippled, wandering he went.

We are unforgiving
While our foes are living;
Yet his retribution weigh’d so heavily
That I feel remorse
Gazing on his corse,
For my rudeness when he left our gates to die.

And his grave shall be
‘Neath the chestnut tree,
Where he met my sister many years ago;
Leave that tress of hair
On his bosom there—
Wrap the cerecloth round him! Eric, let us go.
                         Adam Lindsay Gordon