Scene-21 A Chamber in the Nuns'
Apartments of the Convent.
Agatha reminisces-- Her father, Count Baldwin pledged
her to Hugo but she was in love with Harold, a Danish Knight,
who was already married to Hugo's sister, Dorothea.
Hugo gives chase to Harold and Agatha, and defeats Harold in a fight
in the forest. Agatha is returned to her father who vows to
send her to the Convent.
Agatha explains to URSULA-The Abbess- "As I fled with the Dane,
so I might have fled with Hugo of Normandy."


My sire in my childhood pledged my hand 
To Hugo- I know not why-
They were comrades then, 'neath the Duke's command,
In the wars of Lombardy.
I thought, ere my summers had turned sixteen,
That mine was a grievous case;
Save once, for an hour, I had never seen
My intended bridegroom's face;
And maidens vows of their own will plight.
Unknown to my kinsfolk all
My love was vowed to a Danish knight,
A guest in my father's hall.               
His foot fell lightest in merry dance,
His shaft never missed the deer;
He could fly a hawk, he could wield a lance
Our wildest colt he could steer.
His deep voice ringing through hall or glen
Had never its match in song;
And little was known of his past life then,
Or of Dorothea's wrong.       
 I loved him- Lady Abbess, I know
That my love was foolish now;
I was but a child five years ago,
And thoughtless as bird on bough.
                 Adam Lindsay Gordon