Scene-20 A Farm House on the Rhine.
(About a mile from the Convent)
Hugo has taken Orion's advice and moved closer
to Agatha who is inside the Convent.
He now finds out that there is a gang of outlaws
camped close by, ready to attack the Convent.
He berates Orion for coaxing him back into this mess,
not yet knowing the full consequences of Orion's evil persuasions.  

HUGO (To Orion)

So this is the reed on which I've leaned,
These are the hopes thou hast fostered, these
The flames thou hast fanned. Oh, lying fiend!
Is it thus thou dost keep thy promises?
Is it thus thou dost keep thy promises?

Strong language, Hugo, and most unjust;
You will cry out before you are hurt--
You will live to recall your words. I trust.
Fear nothing from Osric or Dagobert,
These are your friends, if you only knew it,
And would take the advice of a friend sincere:
Neglect his counsels and you must rue it,
For I know by a sign the crisis is near.

I sought to initiate you once
In the mystic lore of the old Chaldean;
But I found you far too stubborn a dunce,
And your tastes are coarser and more plebeian,
Yet mark my words, for I read the stars,
And trace the future in yonder sky,
To the right are wars and rumours of wars,
To the left are peace and prosperity.

Fear naught. The world shall never detect
The cloven hoof, so carefully hid
By the scholar so staid and circumspect,
So wise for once to do as he's bid.
Remember what pangs come year by year
For opportunity that has fled;
And Thora in ignorance.

HUGO                    Name not her!
I am sorely tempted to strike thee dead!

Nay, I hardly think you will take my life,
The angel Michael was once my foe;
He had a little the best of our strife,
Yet he never could deal so stark a blow.
                         Adam Lindsay Gordon